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Complementary Therapy Treatments

Complementary therapy is a term given to a wide range of different therapies that aim to support or improve your health and sense of wellbeing. Some people use complementary therapies simply to relax and unwind and enjoy a little me time, while others may have treatments as a preventative measure, to help them manage a long-term condition or to get through a particularly challenging life event.


Reflexology, Co Down


With Reflexology your body's health is reflected in your feet. By applying pressure to specific areas in the feet, remarkable healing effects are noted. Stress and tension are reduced, toxins are flushed out and circulation is improved.

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Aromatherapy, Co Down


The therapeutic effects of essential oils in combination with massage can help to calm and relax the whole person. Choosing the right combination of oils can promote improved health, ease pain, reduce stress and calm the mind.

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Reiki, Co Down


Reiki is the simple and natural hands-on art of energy renewal. Reiki means 'Universal Life Force Energy' and can be defined as accessing the universe's limitless source of energy to replenish and restore you, resulting in healing, balance and rejuvenation.

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What our customers are saying

First time visiting Ann. I booked in for a Reflexology session. She is a lovely lady with such a great relaxing calming demeanour.

My session was sooo good. I felt totally at ease and comfortable, just loved her working on my feet. She identified a few issues which totally shocked me at how accurate she was....hopefully I'll get some relief....can't wait until next wee treat.... thanks Ann

W Walker - Dromore