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Reflexology at Hand to Soul Therapy

At Hand to Soul Therapy your Reflexology Treatment is tailored just for you. On your first visit please leave time for a Consultation to be completed. You will never be rushed or hurried.


Reflexology is an ancient healing art based on the principle that the body will, given the opportunity, heal itself and bring about a state of natural balance in order to function to its full capacity.

Reflexology is an ideal health strategy for prevention of ill health and should not be viewed as a last resort when orthodox medicine has not achieved the desired result in dealing with a health problem. Regular monthly treatments are an excellent way to maintain properly balanced systems and can help prevent the occurrence of disease.

Allow one hour .............. £30.00

Fertility Reflexology

Fertility problems can be very stressful and a course of Reflexology can provide the relaxation needed to help return the body to its natural balance ready for pregnancy and parenthood. 

For those couples who have chosen to have IVF, Reflexology is useful for reducing stress and emotional unease, and will help to prepare the body physically.

Allow one hour .............. £30.00

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology induces a deep state of relaxation so that the body can adjust to the major changes which are taking place. It can help to ease or prevent many of the discomforts and ailments which are commonly associated with pregnancy.

Allow one hour ......... £30.00

What our customers are saying

I was at Hand to Soul today for a Reflexology Treatment. Therapist has a magic touch, very gentle. She was able to give me a lot of information as to what was going on within my body. A true professional, highly recommended.

A Beggs, Cookstown